New Jobs Coming to Arlington, But It’s Not What You Think

Image of a server room

Arlington is attracting new companies, and with them, more and more jobs. We all know that Amazon is making a new HQ in Crystal City that will create 25, 000 jobs in the next decade. But they are not the only ones promise to create jobs in Arlington.

A consulting company, Incentive Technology Group LLC, is moving its headquarters from 2121 Crystal Drive to Presidential Tower at 2511 Jefferson Davis Highway. The company will occupy over 50,000 square feet of space at the new location.

The company will create 124 new jobs this year and has pledged to create 1000 more full-time positions over the next three years. The governor has already approved a $450,000 grant for the company, and iGT might also be eligible for a mayoral tax credit as well.

This is starting to become a pattern. State and local governments are offering incentives to companies to move to their states and localities because the companies are promising to create jobs. We will have to see if the companies can deliver on those promises.