Bar Crawls and the Local Economy

For years and years, Arlington has had bar crawls every year. If you don’t know what bar crawls are, they are just events where people go around all the bars in an area and just drink. Don’t know why you’d need a special event for that, but never mind that. These bar crawls bring a lot of visitors to the area and are really good for local bars. However, over the years, things have gotten a little crazy at times. This can range from people just vomiting in the yards of local residents to others running naked in the streets.

Because of that local lawmakers made regulations that governing this events, saying that public safety is their top priority. That was back in 2014, and the bar crawls continued until 2018, but now there haven’t been any for a while. Why? The regulations have made it way too expensive to hold such an event and actually benefit from it as a business.

This may not be such a good thing for the Arlington area as the economic output from just the beer industry in the area was almost $83 million last year. It produced 600+ jobs and over $26 million in wages.