Amazon HQ: Ready to Not, Here it Comes!

As you’ve heard by now, Amazon is coming to Arlington!

Amazon, the leader of online retailing, is building its second headquarter in Crystal City. This means a lot of changes and growth for the area. It will produce an expected 25,000 jobs in the next 12 years and add an approximate 4 billion dollars to the local economy.

Just recently, the last incentive for the company was passed by the city board, giving them almost 23 million dollars in incentives. This is expected to prove very lucrative for the area, as the tax base will expand exponentially.

Amazon’s move, however, has not been without controversy. In the board meeting where the county board approved the incentive, many protestors were in attendance, one of whom had to be physically removed during the meeting.

That being said, the construction of the HQ is well on its way. Demolition of the buildings that will be part of the future National Landing has started, fences have been placed around the construction area, and the contractors are moving full speed ahead.